Psychology: It’s a Hard Knock Life

Have you ever heard that the mind is purely a psychological entity? It is absolutely true, and you should never forget it. How could you, if not psych then what?

On our way to self discovery we often find that our paths must cross some truths we are not ready to encounter. It can be very disastrous, but we carry on. No rivers can come between the fiery rage that some of you experience when coming under panic. It’s like the devil came to rise and he wants your heart. It can be a scary experience, but fortunately it is not incurable.

Now even Kanye used to say that “how could you be so?”. It’s actually a very deep and profound quote, and it could only come from the type of genius that Kanye is. You should never end a sentence with a preposition, but who even follows the rules anymore?

Somewhere on this beaten path he lost what he calls his soul, and he has the galls to call you the man without a heart.

Regardless of the psychobabble that I’ve written above, you need to know that your anxiety attacks can actually come to an end. The best way, simply put, is to read this website telling you so: it’s called headshout.com. Check it out if you want to have a better life, or a chance at least. It truly is a great read.

What that lovely site will do is inform you exactly what to do to get rid of anxiety, short and sweet, once and for all.

Do not just listen to my empty words, it’s like Britney Spears told us, “don’t be so toxic”. Too bad she’s not still around, and yet she is. Uh oh, we’re ending the sentence incorrectly again. No matter, this is not an English lesson. What I was going to say was that Spears had her own psychological problems. Something toxic definitely developed into her mind.

Apparently she has gotten over her demons, though I don’t quite buy it. I think that she is more of a puppet now than she has ever been in her career. She’s not as successful now (though how could she possibly reach those heights again?). I’m not saying that I feel bad for her because she’s not as popular, but I feel sympathetic to her puppet ways.

She’s in her own fairytale type setting, asking herself if she’s a real girl. How could she possibly marry an obvious loser, with his own head problems. Talking about a headshout, surely I am. The song “Blue” fits his life post-Brit.

Hopefully you got the point of this article, and visit the site that I’ve linked to multiple times. It might just save your life.

Thank you for the read, as it was pretty good.

PS: I’ll stop leaving “PS’s” as soon as I figure out what the point of them is. By the way, this new key board feels great. You guys are the best readers man, thank you so much.

This must’ve been a great thing to peruse. Hit me up if you want more.

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Late Night Eating Habits: Stop Snacking!

We’ve all been there: It’s 3 o clock in the morning and you are still awake. And to make matters worse you’re bored. You decide to roam around the kitchen for a late night snack to chow on. Bad mistake. You don’t need those extra calories in the day. You’re ruining what would have otherwise been a very productive and healthy day for you.

Stop eating at night. I’m not saying you should stop at like 6pm, or 8 pm like some programs say you do. That’s ridiculous. But you shouldn’t be feasting in the hours after midnight. You don’t need that fourth meal at Taco Bell.

If you’re expecting to lose weight, you need to think like a champion and play like one too. Losing weight is hard enough to do without you cheating. If anything, cheating should mean doing something that makes it easier for your weight loss, not harder. Ever wonder why that word makes so little sense in this context? I have.

Regardless, to quickly lose weight for women is a harder thing than many think. But it’s still easier said than done.

For example, just last night I was rummaging around the pantry when I noticed that someone had purchased and ate half a bag of barbecue potato chips. I absolutely love BBQ chips and I haven’t had them in years. With half the bag there, ready to be eaten while I watch a late night talk show – that sounds like a match made in heaven!

But then you think about how bad it is, and how it sets you back. N0thing is worth it. Not even that temporary joy. Also, in the back of my mind I knew how terrible I would feel (both mentally and physically) after eating that bag of chips.

And at the end of the day, to quickly lose weight for men in a different way is also a very real possibility. Eat the chips but run hardcore and go ham at the gym. It can all be done in different ways. But for it to happen, you need to get up off your feet and stop making excuses for yourself. Get motivated and get going!

Just look at Taylor Swift and her body if you want to lose weight. Whether you’re a man or a woman, she is a skinny one. On second thought, that may be too skinny. Yes – there is such a thing as too skinny. You don’t want to see bones protruding from your skin. Keep it looking good and healthy.

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